Sunday, December 26, 2010

Looking for a Radio Control Spy Plane to Add to your Fleet? Check out the EDF U-2

In the 1950's, a brilliant designer, Kelly Johnson, working for Lockheed Aircraft Corporation came up with a design intended for US military strategic reconnaissance missions.  The new craft would need to maintain an operational ceiling of 70,000 feet to avoid detection by Soviet radar. It was believed that it would be immune to detection as well as their fighters and missiles at 70,000 feet. Johnson and his team's design was unique, giving their brain-child sailplane-like wings that are amazingly efficient and a jet that's easy to control at very high altitudes where it's intended to operate, but difficult to fly at lower altitudes, sensitive to cross-winds and difficult to land.  The US Military turned down the initial design, but the CIA entered into a contract with Lockheed and the first 20 U-2's ever built were operated by the CIA.  The famous U-2 Incident occurred on May 1, 1960, when CIA pilot Francis Gary Powers was shot down over Soviet airspace. There's a great Wikipedia article about the U-2 at and you can read about the U-2 Incident at

Phase 3 has generated a lot of buzz and excitement with the release of their well-designed radio controlled U-2 model aircraft. Our first shipment of U-2's is en route and we'll have 'em in, and ready to ship out on December 30 2010.

The U-2 is a high performance radio controlled electric ducted fan jet that flies like a glider. It's loaded with great features. The U-2's wings plug in to its fuselage - they're easy to remove for transport and reattach. The ready-to-fly version (RTF) comes with absolutely everything needed except AA alkaline batteries for the radio Transmitter. The included 5-channel Aerosport 2.4GHz radio and receiver are full range, fully proportional, and can be used with other planes. The large pop-off canopy is held on with magnets for quick and easy access to the LiPo battery. It will be easy to keep the plane looking brand new for years - the super durable foam is damage-resistant, easy to repair and can be touched up with paint. Ready To Fly U-2 Radio Control Spy Plane EDF Brushless

In addition to the RTF version, the U-2 also comes in an IBind version and a Kit. The RTF and IBind versions come in the black stealth color scheme and the Kit version is white. The IBind version includes an Airtronics RX500 receiver (which is super easy to bind with any Airtronics or Aerosport 2.4GHz transmitter) but it does not include a transmitter (for those who like to save a few bucks and make use of their own transmitter). IBind U-2 RC Jet Spy Plane

Note: The jet's wings will flex in flight as with the full-size U-2. You should avoid pulling high G maneuvers when flying at full speed or after a steep dive, to avoid over-stressing the airframe.
  • Wingspan: 1,690mm (66.5 Inches)
  • Length: 1,030mm (40.5 Inches)
  • The RTF version comes with fully proportional, full range Aerosport 2.4GHz Radio
  • The RTF and IBind versions include an RX500 5 channel 2.4GHz Receiver
  • Durable, Lightweight Factory-Molded Foam Airframe
  • EPP Foam Construction is Easily Repaired and Damage Resistant
  • Wings are Reinforced with 3 Internal Carbon Fiber Rods
  • Plug-In Wings Make it Easy to Transport
  • No Glue Required
  • Realistic Stealth Color Scheme
  • Easy Access to Battery Via Large pop-off Canopy (held on with magnets)
  • Custom, Powerful Brushless Motor Included
  • High Performance Fan Unit Included
  • Li-Po Battery and Balancing Charger Included with the RTF & IBind versions (but not the Kit)
  • 3 Factory Fitted Servos
  • Smooth, Fast and Stable Flying
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