Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Does your Nosegear need an adjustment?

If your RC Plane is veering to one side or the other on take-off and landing, there's a good chance your nosegear needs adjusting.  I just read a great tip on how to do that in the latest issue of Model Airplane News, contributed by R. J. Musel: "If you're tired of always bending your nose gear from that not-so-perfect landing, then here's a way to prevent it and even add a little shock absorption."  He goes on to say that you'll need a bend at the fuselage where the nose gear wire enters into it, and the nose wheel should also be bent at the coil, to form a 45-degree angle down to the wheel and up to the bottom of the fuselage. For additional shock absorption, glue a piece of hardwood to the firewall, flush with the bottom of the fuselage and do the same thing for the main landing gear.

I purchased this how-to book and it is GREAT! Even if you don't like building things from scratch, there's a lot of great information on how to do little things here and there to make your plane BETTER.  A few of the many topics covered are:  shock-absorbing landing gear, how to work with foam and metal, how to install skis and floats on your plane - and lots more!  You can find "Workshop Secrets," RC Tools, Adhesives and much more at

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