Thursday, September 30, 2010

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The cool dry weather we've had in our area is perfect for flying outdoors and we've made it to the park and flying field several times.  Life is good.  One of the local clubs is holding its Annual Fall Classic Fly-in this weekend.

To find Radio Control events in your area click on this link: Find Radio Control Events or use the AMA Event Search tool: AMA's Event Search Tool

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We have added several new products to the site and more are on the way.  One is a great little RC Plane for Beginnersthe Sky Eagle High Wing Cessna Park Flyer.

The Sky Eagle Park Flyer is an excellent beginner electric-powered RC plane from Nine Eagles. The fuselage is made from light but durable EPP foam and it has a patented propeller protective device that minimizes damage to the propeller and motor. The propeller falls off if you crash nose-first. The plane is well-designed for stable flight and it is wind resistant. The included transmitter is a 2.4GHz mode 1/mode 2 controller. Switching between the modes is simple and only takes minutes.

* The patented propeller protective device can avoid damage to the propeller and plane upon impact.
* The total airplane body is made of durable anti-crash EPP foam.
* Stable flight, excellent controllability, strong wind resistant.
* A great choice for beginners flying a fixed wing aircraft.
* Park Flyer

* Age: 14 to Adult
* Length: 396mm (approx 15.6 inches)
* Wingspan: 500mm (approx. 19.7 inches)
* Flying Weight: 65g (2.3 ounces)
* Height: 131mm (approx. 5.2 inches)
* Motor: N50 Motor
* Receiver: 3-channel 2.4GHz
* Battery: 7.4V 180mAH LiPo
* Motor run time: 8-10 minutes

Everything you need is included in the box.
  It's in stock and ready to ship.  Add one to your fleet or  purchase a super nice gift for that special someone.

Have fun, stay safe & keep flying!

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