Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Don't Stress Out--Fly RC Airplanes!

With the economy still in the doldrums, the level of political discourse in our country at a nadir, and all the daily pressures and frustrations, it is very important to find healthy, constructive outlets for letting off steam.  It may seem hard, what with work and all our other responsibilities, but we all need to make time just for ourselves, to do things that give us pleasure or provide us satisfaction. This is, in fact, the exact reason I took up flying radio controlled airplanes and helicopters in the first place, but what began a short while back as a simple relaxation tool has become so much more. Today, I am certain that I’ll be involved in this wonderful hobby as long as I am able, and only wish I had come to it sooner.


As a great philosopher once stated, “Different strokes for different folks,” but RC aviation is one leisure-time activity with mass appeal for all ages, young and old. It is affordable for most, easy for novices to get the hang of with a little practice, yet demanding enough to offer real challenges asyour skills improve and you tackle faster, more maneuverable aircraft. Unlike some hobbies, RC aviation encourages you to get outdoors with family and friends but, with the right kind of airplane or helicopter, when the weather is bad, you can fly indoors anytime of day or night.


In the past, you had to have pretty deep pockets to purchase a model plane, and then be willing to spend many hours to master the requisite skills; the same held true for RC helicopters, only more so. Now, good quality electric and nitro trainer models are available in the $100-$200 range, and improvements in stability and reliability have made the learning curve for beginners much less steep.  If you have ever had in interest in flying, you owe it to yourself to investigate RC flying. It is one of the best ways I have found to, for just a few hours, put aside all your cares and do something fun, exciting and rewarding, something just for you. Try it—you may find it’s the perfect prescription for what ails you.

Venom Micro Troop Transporter RTF RC Helicopter

Venom Kodiak RC Helicopter

Phase 3 Mini Spitfire RR

Electric RC Helicopters

Electric RC Airplanes

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