Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Touchdown! for Airtronics with SD-6G 2.4GHz Radio

Whether you are a novice looking for a good entry-level radio, or a pro pilot in the market for a value-packed 6-channel rig, you will be hard pressed to find a model with more features and better performance at a better price than the Airtronics SD-6G.  Sporting 2.4GHz Frequency-Hopping spread spectrum technology, the versatile SD-6G is ideal for both airplanes and helicopters, from trainer models to sophisticated sports and 3D aircraft. Paired with Sanwa’s small, lightweight (under 12 grams with case) and easy to bind 92224 receiver (compatible with all Sanwa 2.4 radios), the transmitter’s FHSS-1 equipment ensures interference-free, full-range performance. Whether you’re flying mini or scale, nitro or electric aircraft, this is one radio that complements just about any plane or copter out there that doesn’t need more than 6 channels.

The SD-6G’s menu set-up is modeled on Airtronics acclaimed SD-10G, but the SD-6G is easier to program than its big brother; and novices will particularly appreciate the well-designed, clearly-written, user-friendly instruction manual. Key features include a 10 model memory, allowing storage of programs for up to 10 different planes or helicopters; advanced airplane and helicopter software; FN, F1 and F2 flight modes ( planes and copters); 2 program mixes; gyro switch for helis; and trainer system compatible for Buddy Boxing with SD-5G, 6G and 10G radios. Instead of Ni-Cds, the transmitter uses 6 AA Alkaline rechargeable batteries, which come included.

Coming with a 1 year warranty, its look and feel is that of a much more expensive radio, which brings us to possibly its very best feature—the SD-6G is priced at under $200.00! You may find another 6 channel radio that rivals its features in some areas, but as a total package, this model is going to be hard to beat. For versatility, performance and affordability, Airtronics SD-6G is truly in a class by itself.


  • 10-Model Memory
  • Advanced Airplane and Heli Software
  • 3 Flight Modes (Heli and Air)
  • 2 P(rogram)-Mixes
  • 3-Axis Dual Rate and Expo (program feature)
  • 5-Point Throttle Curve (Heli and Air)
  • Gyro Switch (Heli)
  • Advanced Swashplate CCPM Mix (2 and 3 sx)
  • Advanced Swashplate Leveling (Heli)
  • Servo Monitor
  • Throttle/Engine Cut Switch (prgrm feature)
  • "Buddy Box" Trainer Compatible with other SD-6G, SD-5G and SD-10G radios
  • Adjustable Gimbal Spring Tension
  • Advanced Aircraft Mixes
  • Direct Select Model Select Buttons
Program Features (Common for Both Heli and Air):
  • Model Naming
  • Model Select
  • Model "Direct Select"
  • Data Reset
  • Data Copy
  • Trainer System (Compatible with SD-5G/10G)
  • Throttle Cut
  • Wing/Swash Type
  • Dual Rates (3 axis) (Common or Individual for Flight Modes)
  • Exponential (3 axis) (Common or Individual for Flight Modes)
  • 3 Flight Modes
  • Individual or Common Trims
  • Program Mixes (2)
  • Servo Reverse
  • Sub Trim
  • EPA
  • Servo Monitor
  • Stop Watch
Airplane Functions:
  • Wing Type
  • 5-Point Throttle Curve
  • Aileron Differential
  • Flaperon Mix
  • Flap-Elevator Mix
  • Dual Elevator Mix
  • Ailvator
  • V-Tail
  • Delta
  • Program Mixes (2) (Note: Curves, D/R, EPA, All Mixes can be individual for Flight Modes)
Helicopter Functions:
  • CCPM/Swash Type (2 and 3 servo swash plates)
  • 5-Point Throttle Curve
  • 5-Point Pitch Curve
  • Revo-Mix
  • Gyro Control
  • EPA for Individual Swash Servo (swash leveling)
  • 3-Axis EPA post-mix
  • Swash Mix Control
  • Throttle Trim Inhibit for Aerobatic Flight Mode
  • Program Mixes (2) (Note: Curves, Gyro, D/R, EPA, All Mixes can be individual for Flight Modes)
  • 6-channel operation with RX600 receiver
  • FHSS-1 Frequency-Hopping Spread-Spectrum
  • 2.4GHz band
  • Programming Features: Aircraft AND Helicopter
  • 10-Model Memory
  • Mode 2
  • TX Battery: 6 AA 1200mAh Ni-MH  

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