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Radio Control Toys Make Great Gifts

Does someone have a birthday coming up, or maybe you are just looking to get an early start on your holiday shopping? Whenever gifts for the younger set are in order, radio control toys should be at or near the top of your list of gift-giving ideas.

Kids love them, and don’t even mind that they can be as educational as they are fun. But don’t get the idea that they are just for kids—adults love them too, both as an occasional leisure time activity and as a serious hobby. And while the lower-end RC Toys are very inexpensive, some under $30.00, you can spend much more on upper-end, top quality toys and hobby grade remote control models.

Radio controlled toys come in a variety of categories, from airplanes and helicopters to cars, trucks and boats. Many of the 1 or 2 channel RC toys are simple enough for young children to operate, while the multi-channel models, designed for older children and adults, are more difficult and can take some time to learn to control. Most radio controlled toys use rechargeable batteries as a power source and are quite, clean and safe to operate when handled with care.
RC Cars and Trucks

When you mention radio controlled toys most people think of RC airplanes or helicopters, models designed for flying via a remote control device (more properly called a transmitter). But there is much more to the world of radio controlled toys than RC aircraft. For instance, there are also RC Cars and monster trucks, hot rods and drag racers. Some models come with large multi-tread tires and can be used on different type surfaces--concrete, blacktop, grass or dirt. And nothing stays the appointed rounds of all-terrain RC Trucks; they can slog through gravel, mud, even snow and ice.

RC toys come with a hand-held transmitter and a receiver which is situated on the vehicle. The transmitter sends a signal via radio waves to the receiver; working together, they control the movement and usually the speed of the plane, car or boat. The more channels the transmitter has, the more movements or maneuvers the model can perform.

You can find almost any type of vehicle imaginable as a radio controlled toy. Airplanes and helicopters are fun because they can fly, but they are also harder to master than other RC craft. All but the simplest, most basic RC Airplane requires plenty of practice to become skilled at flying. Cars are less complex in design and easier to control, plus you don’t have to worry about them breaking when they fall out of the sky, as RC Planes sometimes do! Boats are relatively easy to operate and fun to race but not everyone has convenient access to a body of water.

RC Boats for All Ages

Another RC model that has become very popular with children and adults alike is the remote controlled boat. The smaller, slower models are safe enough for children to operate on pools, ponds, creeks or small lakes. RC power boats are suitable for larger bodies of water and are better left to teenagers or adults. Some of these racing boats can reach speeds of more than thirty miles an hour or even faster when accessorized and souped-up. While most use their boats strictly for fun and relaxation, a growing number of enthusiasts enter into competitive events, traveling around the country to race against fellow boaters and perform amazing water stunts before appreciative audiences.

Silly Rabbit, Radio Controlled Toys Are for Everyone!

Radio Controlled toys can be fragile and often break easily. If your investment is only $20.00 or so, and you get a few hours of fun out it, that’s not such a big deal. If you want something that will last past a few outings, look for RC toys constructed of durable, crash resistant materials or models that will accept replacement parts. And remember, like Trix, radio controlled toys aren’t just for kids, so when you buy one for a youngster, be sure to order a second model just for you!

For many, radio controlled toys have become more than just a passive hobby; for many, operating RC cars, boats or helicopters has become a sport in its own right. Flying, driving or racing these toys is the next best thing to participating in the real sport. If you’re interested in finding out more about these captivating machines, the internet offers a wealth of information and you’ll also find very competitive prices from online retailers. Just Google radio controlled toys and get ready to enjoy some serious fun!

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