Thursday, October 21, 2010

Electric RC Helicopters

Improvements to battery-powered RC aircraft over the past decade have brought many newcomers to the ranks of radio control flying, especially where the helicopter branch of the club is concerned. Technological advances in battery and rotor design make it possible to fly helicopters without the drawbacks which in past made many steer clear of them. Before electric models became widely available, it was necessary to spend $800-900 or more for a gas-powered heli. There was no such thing as Ready to Fly--copters came in kit form and took many hours and considerable skill to build. And they were fiendishly difficult to fly, requiring more time and effort to develop flying skills. The steep learning curve made costly crashes a given; maintenance was also expensive and time-consuming.

The advent of relatively inexpensive electric models have introduced so many newcomers to RC helicopters that they are now the fastest growing segment of RC aviation, rivaling or surpassing airplanes in popularity. Good quality electrics are available in the $100-$300 price range. More reliable than nitro helicopters, they are also easier to operate and pretty much maintenance-free. Non-polluting and less noisy than nitros, electrics can be flown in a wide variety of settings, including indoors.

If you are in the market for a first RC helicopter, Venom's Ozone is not only a good model for beginners but will still be enjoyable once you attain intermediate level skills. The Ozone's coaxial counter-rotating blades offer excellent stability, making it easy but also great fun to fly. Designed for durability, the Ozone comes Ready to Fly with 3-channel radio, LiPo battery pack and charger - all you need add is AA batteries. Great for indoor and outdoor flying (in calm conditions) and priced at well-under $100, Venom's Ozone is an electric RC helicopter with enough performance capability to keep you coming back for more.

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